After a Lifetime of Half and Half, My Friend Just Switched to Oatly


Over the holiday weekend, our longtime friends had us over
for dinner. They’re not vegan like us, but I think I can pretty confidently say
they’re flexitarians, and when we eat together, they always eat vegan, too.

One thing I noticed over the years is that no matter the
balance of veggies or meat products in their fridge, there was always half and half.

Well, not anymore.

As we were finishing up our meal on Saturday night, one of
my friends offered to make us some lattes with her new espresso machine. Turns
out she was super excited to make us a vegan lattes with her new obsession:
Oatly. “Have you heard of it?” she asked. GURL.

She told us that after years of trying plant-based milks on
and off, Oatly finally got her to kick half and half to the curb. In fact, she
actually prefers it. They both…

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